Connery Talks Bond

Sean Connery recently talked with Reuters about James Bond:
Fans might consider him the greatest British film star ever, but Scottish film legend Sean Connery would rather watch anyone else play the role that made him famous.

``Each one has a hard time playing the Bond role,'' Connery said at a news conference at the Berlin Film Festival, where he was presenting his new film ``Finding Forrester.'' ``Everyone plays it differently. Maybe I set too high a standard.''

Connery, 70, did not want to say which actor he thought embodied the James Bond role best but he said that the current actor, Pierce Brosnan, was doing a good job of keeping the role alive. Connery was the first Bond, playing in ``Dr. No'' four decades ago.

``It's a difficult question to answer,'' said Connery. ``I'd rather watch all the others but me.''

He said he didn't mind being identified with the famous British agent even though he hasn't played the role in 17 years.

In ``Finding Forrester,'' which is based loosely on a figure like the American novelist J.D. Salinger, Connery stars as a elderly novelist in New York who lives as a recluse 40 years after writing a Pulitzer-prize winning novel and helps a talented young writer get his start.

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