Halle Berry Injured Shooting Bond 20

Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry has been injured while performing a stunt in Spain for the new James Bond film, "Die Another Day", reports BBC News.

Debris from a smoke grenade became lodged in the star's eye while she was performing a stunt, according to reports.

Berry, 33, was thought to have been shooting a scene involving an exploding helicopter with co-star Pierce Brosnan when the accident happened.

She was taken to hospital and is said to have returned to the set after treatment, having suffered nothing more serious than a painful, inflamed eye.

"It could have been much more serious. She has been quite lucky," the doctor who treated the star has been quoted as saying.

Shooting moved on to Spain from England, and is due to continue in Iceland and Hawaii.

Madonna has agreed to write and perform the title song for the film, joining a celebrated list of singers who have also performed the opening track to a Bond movie, including Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey and Tina Turner.

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