On Set Clip From Bond: Die Another Day

ET Online were on the set of the 20th James Bond Movie, "Die Another Day" and had got a chance to talk to Halle Berry, who plays the femme fatale Jinx, on the London set.

Berry explains her role: "Jinx, she is sort of the female Bond....she is a fashionable girl, she's fashion forward and very sexy and takes fashion risks, and I love her for that."

Berry also clears up the reports of the injury to her eye: "I wouldn't say it was a speck of dust or shrapnel. It was somewhere more along the dust lines, though it was something that blew in my eye and probably scratched across my cornea. And if anybody's had a scratched cornea, it's not serious -- it's just really painful. For insurance reasons, I had to go to a hospital. I got eye drops and within hours I was better and back to work. That was it. It was great how it got blown out of proportion."

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