John Cleese Talks 'Die Another Day'

John Cleese spoke to the Independent News about the next James Bond movie - Die Another Day. The following contains a possible spoiler.

I shot my scenes with Pierce [Brosnan] back in January, during the first week of filming. That is unusual for Q; normally they shoot him handing over the gadgets to Bond right at the end of the production, so that if any of the gadgets have not worked exactly as planned, Q's dialogue can be adapted to take account of this. However, this time they needed to take the new Bond car straight off to Finland to blow it up, so my scenes had to be at the start. The best new gadget concerns the car. It's based on military technology now being developed, which will one day allow something as big as a tank to be rendered invisible. More will be revealed on 18 November.

Read more by visiting the link above. Thanks to Sada for the heads up!

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