'Die Another Day' Footage Shown Down Under

A ten minute footage from the next James Bond movie - Die Another day was shown at the Australian Intl. Movie Convention, according to Dark Horizons

The clip started off with Bond and a fellow agent (Colin Salmon) in an office hallway sneaking down and taking out armed guys in black outfits who seem to be conducting a raid. Bond steps into an office and there's M held at gunpoint in front of one of the men. Bond takes a few steps forward, pauses and then fires (cut to black). Lots of stuff is seen - Rick Yune appears in many scenes with a bald head, pale eyes and these wierd silver metallic stretch mark style rivulets down half his face. M comments to Bond welcoming him 'back' as such from what sounds like a retirement, there's the ice car chase which looks spectacular, Berry popping out of the water in her bikini, lots of scenes involving lasers, and the money shot - an awesome FX scene where it looks like half a forest explodes upwards from a shockwave. A bit of the plot is elaborated upon - a stunt where a man parachutes into Buckingham Palace introduces us to the Richard Branson-esque Gustav Graves whose developing a satellite technology called Icarus which will in effect create a 'second sun' of sorts. However like all baddies there's a lot more to it than that.

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