Original Star Fay Wray Approves 'King Kong' Remake

Fay Wray, star of the original King Kong, says she is happy that Peter Jackson is remaking the movie. Speaking with DominionPost she said was was impressed that Jackson says he will remain true to the original by setting it in the same period.

"I remember Merion Cooper so well, who created the original. I still remember when he was just thinking of the idea for the film and he looked at me and said, 'I know I think I will call it Kong no, even better, I will call it King Kong!' He was a wonderful person so strong and devoted to film.

"I think it is excellent and honourable that Peter Jackson wants to be true to the original. And I am proud that he wants to keep King Kong alive."

But while Wray, who began her film career in 1923, approved the remake, she said she would not consider making a cameo appearance. When Jackson and backers Universal first considered making the film in 1996, Wray had been invited to make a cameo, uttering the famous line at the end of the original film: "It was beauty killed the beast."

"(King) Kong was always an independent kind of guy and I think he should stay that way," she joked. "But, it is wonderful knowing that people care, and that Peter Jackson cares. That is what is important."

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