Peter Jackson Talks LOTR Sequel

Peter Jackson spoke with the Chicago Sun-Times about the second Lord of the Rings movie - The Two Towers. Although the movie will be released next Christmas, director Peter Jackson says he has some qualms about the title, given the horrific events of Sept. 11. "It's true that I've thought about what that title means now, I just pray that by the time the second movie comes out, it won't cause any controversy." "It's a 50-year-old book. We can't change the title. Tolkien fans would crucify us."

Jackson says the pivotal action scene from part two will be the Battle of Helms Deep. "It's a battle that will kick your a--," Jackson promises. "It's the Uraki vs. the elves and the men at Helms Deep, which is an old fort. Let me just say it's very bloody."

Also expect more of the character Gollum, the big-eyed monkeylike creature from the first film. "He's a computer-generated character voiced by Andy Serkis, but don't expect him to be another Jar Jar Binks," says Jackson.

"He's a bit good and a bit bad. He's really a tortured character. He has been corrupted by the ring," Jackson adds. "He has really become a shriveled shadow of himself."

He goes on to say how Aragorn and Arwen's relationship will develop in the next movie "We get a little deeper into the love story between Aragorn and Arwen. We see how much they really mean to each other."

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