FOTR DVD And Two Towers Details

Peter Jackson has been giving details on the FOTR DVD and the next installement - The Two Towers, with fans at a recent booksigning in LA. AICN also happened to be there and have posted a summary of the main details:

THE TWO TOWERS trailer will be attached to FELLOWSHIP in mid-March, during the final weeks that the film is in theaters. It will be placed just after the last shot of Frodo and Sam and just before the credits. It's over three and a half minutes long.

FX teams are currently shooting miniatures, including Cirith Ungol, which Peter seemed quite pleased hadn't leaked online yet. "It's amazing," he promised.

Peter just finished cutting the new version of FELLOWSHIP that will be on DVD, which should be 30 minutes longer. There are new scenes with Aragorn and Boromir described by Peter as "high drama," and we will also see Galadriel give gifts to each member of the Fellowship. Expect more material about the relationship between elves and dwarves, too, as well as scenes we "don't know anything about yet."

Elijah Wood and Sean Astin will be returning to NZ in June to shoot new scenes that Fran Walsh has recently written involving Gollum, which is the material for THE TWO TOWERS currently being edited by Jackson. Andy Serkis is still shooting his motion capture material for the films.

RETURN OF THE KING starts with the reforging of Narsil in the foundry of Rivendell.

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