Jackson Explains 'The Two Towers' Plot Changes

Nina Rehfeld talked to Peter Jackson about the changes he made to the second episode "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers."

Here is what Jackson had to say about Faramir as in the book he is very pure and very noble, but in the film, he's got this evil touch. He's even tempted by the ring.

For a short time, yeah. We made that change, just to use that example -- and this is really where being a filmmaker differs from being a writer. You make decisions as a filmmaker and, rightly or wrongly, you change things if you think they need to be changed. We wanted the episode with Faramir in this particular film to have a certain degree of tension. Frodo and Sam were captured. Their journey had become more complicated by the fact that they are prisoners. Which they are in the book for a brief period of time. But then, very quickly in the book, Tolkien sort of backs away from there and, as you say, he reveals Faramir to be very pure. At one point, Faramir says, "Look, I wouldn't even touch the ring if I saw it lying on the side of the road."

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