Michael Jackson MIB 2 Cameo Is Hilarious

Audiences at early screenings of Men In Black 2 are finding Michael Jackson's cameo hilarious, reports Ananova.

But director Barry Sonnenfeld says they're laughing so much, they're missing what he has to say.

Jacko appears in one of the film's final scenes.

Will Smith explained to LAUNCH how Jackson got in the film in the first place. "Michael called after the first film. He said he saw the first film in Paris and he said, 'Look, Will, I don't care what happens. If you are making a part two of this film, I am in this film.' Michael, he's a real movie buff, so he said when he saw this (the first Men In Black), it was the most creative thing he'd ever seen. He said he just couldn't compare it to any other film. He said he was absolutely a part of it (the sequel). He didn't care what we said (about his role)."

Sonnenfeld says if he'd known how well audiences were going to react to Jackson's part, he would have re-edited the scene so there was enough space between his lines.

Smith explains that the sight of Jackson--playing himself as an alien, decked out in that trademark Men In Black suit and consulting MIB boss Zed (Rip Torn) via a monitor--is a credit to Jackson's sense of humor. "You know, when he comes on the screen, people are really happy. It's as if Michael is saying to the world, 'OK, all right. I'm human just like everyone else. I appreciate a good joke just like everyone else does,' but the thing that I loved so much is he kept wanting to play it serious. You know, he was, like, 'You know, I'm a Man In Black, I just want it to be really serious.' I think people are going to be really shocked and really surprised, and enjoy seeing Michael in this film and in this light."

Men In Black 2 is released in the 3 July 2002.

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