Joel Silver Talks Matrix Scripts

Cinecon were able to talk with Joel Silver, The Matrix producer, at the "Exit Wounds" premiere, about the script for 'The Matrix 2':

"The scripts are so spectacular and the boys [Andy and Larry Wachowski] are very specific, they don't let anyone else see them because they don't to ruin the surprises. There are a lot of surprises in this movie coming up. They're being careful about who reads them and what they let out. [Regarding] all the activity, I don't know what they're getting it from, because there are very few scripts around. The movies are going to be absolutely unbelievable - visual effects you cannot believe, incredible characters, great story."

To test the extent of the secrecy, I just had to throw in a question about whether or not we'll see the city of Zion.

"You'll see in the movie," he said with a smile

Check out the link for the full interview.

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