Matrix Shooting Begins

The Associated Press is reporting that shooting for the 'Matrix 2' will be starting very soon:

Shooting begins in the next few weeks on the sequels to the 1999 sci-fi blockbuster ``The Matrix'' but Carrie-Anne Moss won't divulge much about them.

``The Matrix 2'' is set for a Christmas 2002 release, with ``The Matrix 3'' expected in summer 2003.

``The scripts are just fantastic and the journey of my character, and for everybody, it's different,'' she said. ``It's just great. So it'll be just interesting to see. It'll be cool. I look forward to it.''

Moss, 30, said there's more to her character, Trinity, than just sunglasses, leather and attitude.

``I look at her heart and her soul and I just believe in her and believe in the warrior that she is and believe in the cause that she's fighting for, which is for people to be awake,'' she said. ``The `Matrix' movies are incredibly deep for me and very much about things I believe in, in my life.''

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