More Matrix Set Reports

Dark Horizons recieved a set report from a source on set, who give details on the car chase pictures that were seen earlier this week:

The filming has been taking place at several locations in Oakland, not just downtown. According to an AP I spoke with, they're already behind schedule, so who knows how long they'll be on the streets. Wednesday I was on the set all day watching them film what will probably be about 5 secs. of screen-time. It was in a dumpy area of town, so there were not too many gawkers. The two vehicles, the silver and black ones describe in other reports, careen down the street through an intersection while dodging eight cars and then crash through a chainlink fence and continue beneath an overpass. The whole time a silver guy is shooting an Uzi-like gun from the sunroof of the black SUV/pick-up. Laurence and Carrie-Ann were throughout the day there for close-ups.

I also spent some time hanging out at their Alameda site. The buildings you posted a while back are not the buildings where they're HQ'd. Since they were filming downtown while my wife and I poked around the security was exceedingly light. (There were two entrances, only one had a security guard.) We saw a large building being constructed--it was in the early stages but it reminded me of the hotel Mouse where gets killed in Matrix 1. Much of the hanger was dedicated to revamping cars. Lots of stunt cars with trunks cut off and stuff. Since I know where to go and how to get in I'll probably check out the site weekly and keep you posted if I see anything of interest.

One thing I thought was interesting that I haven't read anyone note anywhere: the Silvermen are wearing long cloaks like Neo's--except, obviously, they're silver not black.

I find their look to be very odd considering that the villains in Matrix 1 were dressed very conservatively and didn't stick out in a crowd. These guys are almost the exact opposite of the normality shown by Agent Smith's appearance. It doesn't seem that logical machines would change so drastically and say, "Screw conformity, let's just look whacked out and cool." I'm doubting that these guys are the "new agents.""

You can check out the full article by hitting the link above!

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