Matrix 2 Plot Uncovered?

A spy for AICN has sent them in a scoop. The spy says he has gathered information together about the sequel to 'The Matrix'. He also says that he has'nt read the scripts but he has taken in various pieces of the puzzle from many people on the inside.

The spy has sent in a detailed report so if you dont want to SPOIL the movie, then please dont read ahead.

WARNING SPOILERS, you have been warned.

At the start of the film, Neo is in the matrix meeting with the oracle, she tells him there is trouble coming, and that People are going to have to be very resilient in the days ahead. He doesn't understand exactly what she means, until all hell breaks loose and the agents begin attacking, but instead of using typical agents they are using Virii, here we see some of the zero G kung fu in a big scene where all hell is breaking loose. The Virii are different from the agents, they affect the matrix substantially, creating things as they wish just as Neo does, and worse infecting it so that slowly it begins to fall apart. (NOTE: the fire hydrant in the phone booth) Since the agents created the Virii their job is to infect Neo so that he can't fight or move inside the matrix. In other words the virii are bad for the Matrix, but the agents believe it is the only way to flush out neo and the rebels. Neo does in fact become infected by the virus and gets ! bo! oted out of the matrix, unable to reenter until the virus is stopped. However it is the exact opposite for the others (TRINITY, and MORPHEUS) who can‚t get out since the hard-line has been infected as well.

Now Neo has to find a way to hack into the matrix in the real world as a normal man so he can get back into the matrix and save Morpheus and Trinity before they end up dead. He gains the aid of Morpheus's girl friend - Jada Pinket Smith and others from Zion to Hack the Robots main CPU and get rid of the Virii all while fending off the robot hordes. As this is happening Trinity and Morpheus need to survive the constant attacks from the virii and agents by way of car chase, fight scenes and what have you, making the movie more of a race against time. In the end the virii, becomes uncontrollable and decides to destroy the matrix, this causes the Agents to have to go against them as well. So that their entire crops won't be lost as well as their entire mainframe. In the later portion of the film Neo learns some things about the robots history as well as what the matrix "REALLY" is. Finally allowing himself to hack back into the matrix and kick some ass, Zero G style all while fighting multiple virus's trying to destroy the matrix and life as we know it.

One more thing about the virii, like any real virus, they multiply, and multiply they do until there are hundreds of them taking over the construct. In one scene, Trinity, cuts off one of their arms, the arm grows back and the piece that is left on the floor becomes a virus as well, all and all very cool stuff that will have people completely spell bound.

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