Jada-Pinkett Smith Talks Matrix 2 And 3

Jada-Pinkett Smith, wife of Will Smith and star of the upcoming Matrix 2 and 3 talked with Cindy Pearlman about her roles in the movies.

She says that the wire work has been "exhilerating and challenging. I've been on my own training mission. The people I've worked with said I missed my calling which is doing stunts. I think it's just so cool to push yourself to the extreme."

One thing he cannot push is the idea of a Will Smith cameo in the next "Matrix." "Will has said, 'Baby, I might be free,' but 'Matrix' is my movie. It was hilarious because Will and Trey (Smith's son from his first marriage) made a little home movie with both of them starring in their own version of 'The Matrix.'"

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