Matrix Sequels Set Report

Dark Horizons received the following set report for the upcoming Matrix sequels:

There were a lot of security personnel and people running around everywhere. Later on at around 10:30 I returned with a friend. Lo and behold they were filming scenes for the Matrix (which movie I do not know). Trinity, Morpheus and a Chinese Guy where all present. The scene we witnessed was of an old man (dressed in dark brown clothes and with a beard - looked homeless) being chased by a group of people including Trinity, Morpheus and the Chinese Guy (cannot remember his name but he had round dark glasses on). Trinity has a lot of hair gel and is wearing a long leather coat. We were only able to stay and watch for about 10 mins before we were kicked out by security (they told us that the supervisor did not want us their, and by state rail people to either get in a train or leave)"

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