'The Matrix' Sequels Set Report

UK's Empire Magazine visited the set of The Matrix sequels. Here are some interesting tidbits that they found out.


- It is not two movies - "It is one enormous movie that's being cut in half." (The action apparently takes place over one 24-hour period.)

- The aforementioned is a "mind-boggling" car chase that takes place within the rules of the Matrix.

- Much of Reloaded is set in the Matrix and concerns itself with Neo coming to terms with "superhero" powers and the ability to "perceive" the mulitple levles and different "programs" of the Matrix.

- Multiple Neos and Agent Smiths will fight. (Look out for a table-top confrontation in a Chinese restaurant and a fight in a mirrored room.)

- The returning principals are joined by Monica Bellucci, who plays an evil Matrix temptress, as well as Nona Gaye (who replaced the late Aaliyah) and Jada Pinkett Smith who play warriors in the PVC-clad Trinity mould.

- Both movies, but mainly Revolutions, will visit "scorced Earth," where "biomechanical machines" terrorise Zion.[/SPOILERS]

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