Laurence Fishburne Talks 'The Matrix Reloaded'

Latino Review got a chance to speak with Laurence Fishburne about the upcoming The Matrix Reloaded. Asked about the famous freeway scene, Fishburne said:

Ah, the freeway chase, The Matrix is going to be unstoppably watchable, you're gonna get to see how deep the rabbit hole goes, the technology is gonna be unlike anything you have ever seen before. They are going to release two animated shorts [Animatrix] in February, that you go to the website and visit for free and see them. I'm trying to remember to the title for the first two, I think its called "Renaissance" and they deal with how the world that we live in today got to be the world of the Matrix. And then when DREAMCATCHER comes out, there is a nine-minute Animatrix attached to the end of DREAMCATCHER, called "Flight of the Osiris" that sets up the plot for the Matrix Reloaded. Then the day the movie [Matrix Reloaded] comes out "Enter the Matrix", which is the video game, comes out as well, and it's in all platforms Xbox, PS2, etc, etc…

Check out the link above for talk on his other movie Biker Boyz. Thanks to 'Pete' for the heads up!

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