CG-Anime 'The Animatrix' Starting Today!

A series of nine short movies called 'The Animatrix' have been created by the Wachowski Brothers as a prelude to The Matrix Reloaded.

'Animatrix' is said to be a fusion of CG-animation and Japanese anime in a collection of visual stories that delve further into the mind-bending world of The Matrix and the characters who inhabit it.

Four of the nine anime shorts will be streamed for free at the movies official site, with all nine being released worldwide on DVD and VHS on June 3.

"We couldn't be more thrilled to offer fans unprecedented access to four of the 'Animatrix' shorts prior to the DVD release," said Joel Silver, producer of 'The Matrix' films. "The original content of the films and the clarity with which they will be streamed is truly extraordinary."

The following are details of the short movies that will be made available freely. You can view the first released 'Animatrix' by clicking the link below.

"The Second Renaissance - Part 1" (Streaming February 4).
Written by Larry and Andy Wachowski; Directed by Mahiro Maeda.

This epic two-part story delves into the history of the war between mankind and the Machines and the genesis of The Matrix itself.

"Program" (Streaming in March).
Written and Directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri.

In the simulated world of a Samurai training program, a soldier of Zion is forced to choose between love and her comrades in the Real World.

"Detective Story" (Streaming in April).
Written and Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe.

Film noir meets anime in this story of a hard-boiled private eye who tracks cyber-criminal Trinity (voiced by Carrie-Anne Moss) through the looking glass.

"The Second Renaissance - Part 2" (Streaming in May).
Written by Larry and Andy Wachowski; Directed by Mahiro Maeda.

The dramatic conclusion of the story behind humanity's downfall and ultimate enslavement by the Machines.

The Matrix Reloaded will be hitting theaters May 15 with The Matrix Revolutions following in November 2003.

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