Hugo Weaving Talks 'The Matrix Reloaded'

Agent SmithHugo Weaving has been speaking with SciFiWire about reprising his role as Agent Smith in the upcoming sequel films The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. He revealed that his character's ability to replicate himself made for some interesting challenges during the filming. "We achieved the multi Smiths in a number of different ways. Sometimes I would move into a room, say, and do it 10 times and end up in 10 slightly different positions. And then there would be 10 of me."

Weaving added, "Then there are other scenes where there are stunt doubles or doubles of me, men the same height as me, and there would be face replacements done afterwards. And then there would be completely CG Smiths in other scenes, and then also sometimes there were dummies. There were just stationary dummies."

Weaving also revealed that in addition to the new duplication ability there will be another big change in his character. Smith has broken away from the Matrix and is now a free agent within the system. "He's basically working for himself," said Weaving. "But he has the same goal and the same purpose and focus, which is to destroy Neo."

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