'Matrix Reloaded' Plot Spoilers Revealed

DarkHorizons have received some plot spoilers for the upcoming Matrix sequels, which were in a recent edition of the UK Hot Dog magazine.

"They have a matrix spy who recently contacted them and said that "someone dies in the end." Who? To save those who don't want to know from this large spoiler, you can work it out yourself: the person who plays this character appeared , singlet and all, in another Australian film just after the first matrix movie.

The machines aren't all out to destroy humanity - there are 'obsolete' artificial intelligences that are not pleased about having been superceeded (and looked down upon) by more advanced, less humanoid models. We already know that Agent Smith is able to clone himself - but by the end of Revolutions, he won't be the only one with this particular ability.

There is apparently a "wooden performance that stands out from the lot. This person might find their star rising from the immenent success of these movies, but after that . . . I doubt they'll go anywhere - and the final Matrix film finishes in a way that almost demolishes any need for this person to be in it should a further films happen"

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