DJ Paul Oakenfold Talks Scoring For 'The Matrix'

DJ Paul Oakenfold has been speaking with The Sydney Morning Herald about the score for the upcoming Matrix Movies.

Oakenfold is scoring two scenes for The Matrix Reloaded, with music he cagily describes as "more of the same". Scoring, he says, is an involved, hands-on gig and he's dedicated to it.

"You read the script, you go to the set, every day you're getting sent rushes over, you go up to the editing suite ... In the film world, you're on call. You're kind of bottom of the list, in some respects. When they need you, they just call you and expect you to be there."

It must play havoc with your DJ schedule.

"Yeah, you're exactly right. That's why I've changed my approach to DJing. I don't DJ every weekend. I go on tour for five weeks and then I take six weeks off.

"In that period, I'll be based wherever I need to be to do what I need to do, whether it's music for my album [of his own compositions] or music for a film."

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