'The Matrix' Sequels Coming To IMAX Screens

'The Matrix' sequels are coming to IMAX, according to Hollywood Reporter. The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions will be released on IMAX's 15 frames-per-second/70mm screen format to accompany the standard theatrical releases debuting this year.

Using IMAX's new Digital Remastering (DMR) technology that allows 35mm films to be transferred to the larger format without compromising quality, the IMAX version of Andy and Larry Wachowski's The Matrix Reloaded will open two to three weeks after the film's May 15 release in 35mm.

Warner Bros. Pictures president of domestic distribution Dan Fellman said Warners is looking at June 6 for the IMAX release. The IMAX version of The Matrix Revolutions will bow day and date with the film's November 5 theatrical release, marking the first time a Hollywood event film is released concurrently in both formats.

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