Keanu Reeves Pocketing $200M From 'Matrix Reloaded'?

According to estimates by Variety, Keanu Reeves could be making anywhere from $90 million to near $200 million from his starring role in The Matrix Reloaded, with the latter figure said to be the closest.

Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow Pictures are reported to have paid $30 million against 15% of the gross for both sequels. Because 'Matrix Reloaded' made so much when the theatrical split was weighted toward the studio that Reeves has burned through his $30 million advance and is already collecting 15% of the gross.

Since the first movie grossed nearly twice as much abroad to get to $350 million, estimates are that the first sequel could reach $700 million worldwide. When box office is added to revenues from the videogame, DVD, TV sale and other ancillaries, Reeves' earning potential is gigantic.

It gets better on The Matrix Revolutions, because he earns 15% of everything the moment the film opens in November.

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