Rumors Of Early 'Matrix Revolutions' DVD Release

According to FilmForce sources, The Matrix Revolutions maybe released to DVD earlier than expected. If the reports are true then we could possibly see a release before this Christmas.

Worried that the time to make money from the franchise may be running out faster than expected, representatives for Warner Home Video contacted some of the major video retailers and rental outlets on Monday to let them know that Revolutions may be coming home a lot sooner than expected. Early January was mentioned but if the box office continues to drop at its current pace, Matrix Revolutions could hit DVD before Christmas.

Adding insult to injury, a possibility was mentioned to one video dealer that the studio may try putting together a 3-movie boxed set for Christmas if Revolutions is released in time to show up in your holiday stocking. According to one video dealer that spoke to IGN FilmForce on condition of anonymity, "Warners is afraid that Revolutions won't sell very well because of the word of mouth on the movie. The only way to make the money on sell-through is to package it with the other two." The retailer went on to say that the number of requests for the film have dropped significantly since the film's opening day.

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