Seth Green Talks 'Scooby-Doo' Sequel

Seth Green has been speaking with Fred Topel about the Scooby-Doo sequel.

Have you started Scooby 2 yet?
Yeah, I just flew in this morning. I finished work at five this morning, was on a flight at six and I haven’t really slept yet so I’m a little delirious right now.

Is it like a big reunion with Sarah Michelle Gellar?
Yeah. We actually haven’t worked together yet, but I think she’s great and I look forward to working with her whenever I get the opportunity.

What are you playing?
I play a museum curator, like a professor of museum studies.

Is this one more adult than the first?
There’s no premarital sex in it. I don't know what you consider adult.

Undertones and subtext.
Yeah, I thought the first one was pretty sharp with the adult subtext, but I think they’re less bound this time by committee. I think the first one, they had a lot more to prove so they didn’t know exactly what direction to go in, and this time they know what works and what doesn’t, so they’re just pulling ahead.

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