The Green Goblin Uncovered

Coming Attractions have just recieved news on the Costume of the comic book star Spiderman their review of the costume:
"I just saw some preliminary drawings of the Green Goblin's costume. To put it simply: they're amazing! The resemblance to the classic Ditko/Romita design is uncanny. There are some small (but noticeable) changes in the design, the purple/green color hues are somewhat darker, the Goblin Glider is more menacing and bat-like, but the spirit of the classic Goblin is there. But boy, you should have seen the Goblins FACE! It was already said that GG's eyes will be 'bulbous beyond belief'; and if the drawings are a clue, there is NO WAY those can be Dafoe's real eyes under the mask! I don't have the slightest idea about how they will be done (CGI, prosthetics), but I can predict that Dafoe will have a hard time working under that make-up."

As soon as we here more news or pics of the costume we will post them up.

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