Kirsten Dunst On Spider-Man

Entertainment Weekly interviewed Kirsten Dunst who plays the role of 'Mary Jane' in the 'Spider-Man' movie:

Do you have friends who are like, 'Oh my God, you're working with Tobey Maguire [who plays Spider Man] -- he's so cute!'
No, my friends don't care, ever. They care about people I don't care about. See, my friends are weird. My one friend's in love with Jack Nicholson. My other friend, if I was working with Taye Diggs, she would die. Or Mekhi Phifer, she would die. So I have friends who have different tastes. I think Tobey's a little too safe for them.

What's happening on the ''Spider-Man'' set?
I'm a stuntwoman now. I'm hanging off a balcony in Times Square, supposedly waiting for Spider-Man to rescue me -- screaming in my little dress.

You've got red hair because you play Mary Jane, Spider-Man's love interest.
The front of my hair is dyed, and then the rest of it's a wig. I look like I have these big chunk red streaks in front. I like it; it's kind of punk.

You can read the rest of the interview by hitting the link above!

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