Spider-Man Costume & Scene Details

SpiderManHype recieved a Spy Report, which details Spider-Man's costume, and also gives details on a scene with Mary Jane:

Got some more info from my friend who was at the filming of Spidey. He got real close...actually talking to one of Tobeys stand-ins who was wearing the Spidey suit!

As we know Tobey and the guys wear a very tight sculpted muscle suit(these are small guys). Over that they wear a spandex /lycra red/blue suit one piece costume. The pattern on the red/blue is screenprinted. The suits have what looks like an airbrushed effect to subtlety emphasize the muscles.

The webbing on the costume is latex, painted black with flecks of metallic silver.

The boots are higher, closer to the knee than the shots we've seen. They have an arc at the top "similar to Superman's, but not the same".

The opening of the suit(where the actor climbs in) is at the waist under the belt. Allegedly two guys had to stretch the costume over the performer(whew).

Worn inside the boots are surfer shoes,I think he said "Vans"(?).

[SPOILERS]My friend also saw a scene being filmed of Mary Jane being mugged in an alley. The scene was set in the pouring rain.

He also saw a scene being done of Spidey foiling a robbery, I think he said a truck. Spidey jumps down fights the bad guys, grabs the loot and leaps into the air..only to CRASH into a wall! He still hasn't got used to his powers.[SPOILERS END]

Unless I'VE made any errors repeating what I was told.All the above is true.My friend is legitimate.

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