Want To Be A Spider-Man Extra?

The following press release was issued, which gives information on how to become a 'Spider-Man' extra:

Have you ever wanted to be in a movie? Are you a spider-Man fan? We have limited space available for people interested in being in a massive scene for the upcoming Spider-Man movie. Over 2,000 people are needed in Los Angeles March 26th to fill a huge outdoor set of New York's bustling Times Square. This is the last (and by far the largest!) Spider-Man filming date for fans in the Los Angeles area. You MUST be over 18 to participate, due to all the special effects and stunt work.

Please visit our website www.BeInAMovie.com to register (it's free!) - but you better hurry, we are filling up fast!

The set is a re-creation of New York's famed Times Square, during a "World Unity Festival". You will be part of a festive crowd, milling around cool vender booths from various nations. The exotic costumes are spectacular! There is a huge, mysterious scaffolding that is at least 10 stories tall that has everyone speculating about what it will be used for. There is also a large stage set up for entertainment and music. The Producers are being extremely secretive about their plans for the 26th, but we'll let you in on some of what we have seen in the last couple of days of shooting. For example...

• Lots of special effects - several police cars got smashed - one by a large lamppost dropped from above.

• Grammy winner Macy Grey performed live, and will probably be on the soundtrack.

• We saw a huge floating globe (at least 50' in diameter) rumored to be used for special effects.

• The costumes we have seen are awesome! Spidey's outfit is very detailed, with deep blue scales and 3d webbed material. A great job! The World Unity Festival vendor costumes are also spectacular, once again very detailed. Rumors are still flying about the Green Goblin's costume - supposedly green armor with glowing eyes! We'll have to wait and see!

You may see Peter Parker as a reporter for the Daily Bugle, (played by Tobey Maguire), covering the World Unity Festival… or his love interest Mary Jane Watson (played by the talented Kirsten Dunst). You might get to see Peter Parker transform into Spider-Man… Or will you be there as Spider-Man engages in an epic battle with the Green Goblin (played by Willem Defoe)? What about all the destruction in Times Square? Will the World Unity Festival survive? The Producers are not saying, so come and find out!

The Producers are looking for a mixed crowd casually dressed for an exciting street festival. You will be an "unpaid Spectator" on the set, part of a bustling crowd of people attending the "World Unity Festival" in a re-creation of New York’s Times Square. You are not a paid extra today… but an information table will be on the set, with information available on how you may become a "paid extra" in future movies . . . There will be lots of stunt work and special effects!


• See Tobey Maquire as…Spider-Man? Or…Peter Parker? Maybe both!

• See Spider-Man face off against enemies of all that is good!

• See New York’s famed Times Square…in Los Angeles?!?!

• See Peter Parker encounter not only his alter ego, but also his deepest heart felt feelings for the beautiful Mary Jane (played by Kirsten Dunst).

We know how excited everyone is at having a chance to be in Spider-Man, the movie. For you fans that were with us last month for the Evil Bone Saw McGraw scenes with Randy Savage and Tobey Maquire as Spider-Man… you know how much fun it can be! There will be great Door Prizes, Food, Contests, and there will be a table set up with information on being a paid extra for future projects. Participants will be provided a free continental breakfast and a box lunch. This is going to be a great film, an unforgettable experience, and a once in a lifetime opportunity for any Spider-Man fan!

Please visit our website www.BeInAMovie.com for more information and registration.

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