Green Goblin Details

A SpiderManHype spy gives in a report, which gives a detail description for the Green Goblin:

The front looks very detailed. It is a metallic green with a special purple tint when the light hits it the right way (See, there IS purple in the costume after all). The eyes are bulbous and shiney with a gold, not yellow, color to them. There are little holes in the eyes to represent the iris/pupils when they light up. The brow above the eyes is sculpted to look angry since there aren't actual eyebrows on it. The nose is the traditional pointy goblin nose with a bend in the middle so it looks more Goblin-like I guess. The mouth is wide open and looks very cool. They put high cheek bones on the face and an evil smile with six pointy, sharp silver teeth along the top and bottom, the two outter ones are nice and long too. The ears are long and pointy and stick out from the helmet slightly. The back of it extends out like a bike helmet would and comes to a point. On the inside of the mask there is padding on the forehead and nose (Mr. Dafoe doesn't have to worry about chafing) and there are two 9 volt batteries in the back with some electronics and wiring, (I assume for the light up eyes). The mouth is a black screen (up close, you can actually almost see the actor's face through this, I'm not sure how that will look on camera).

All in all, they did an excellent job on the Goblin helmet. I am a traditionalist but I suppose the old rubber mask wouldn't have been practical now. I am looking forward to seeing how it will look on the big screen.

Check out the site for a sketch of the description.

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