James Franco Talks 'Spider-Man' Sequel

James FrancoJames Franco spoke with NW about his role as Harry Osborn in the upcoming spiderman sequel The Amazing Spider-Man.

We hear the sequel will give you a more important role.
Well, in the comics Harry vows vengeance. He eventually finds his father's suit and becomes the second Green Goblin. He also eventually finds out that Spider-Man is Peter Parker and so is then torn between his friendship with Peter and his anger towards Peter. So, I'm sure it's a possibility but I don't think we want to see another Green Goblin in the second one.

What would they do instead?
My guess is that Harry will go through some angst and Spider-Man will fight Dr Doom or Sandman or somebody else.

What do you think about Harry transforming from good to evil?
Harry Osborn doesn't become ... I don't know, evil so much as troubled. The Green Goblin has a madness to him and is taken over by this and Harry, I think, goes in the same direction. His father was his whole life and it was the goal towards which he was striving. And his dad's taken away from him just when he gets acceptance, so he never has that. It spins him off into a sort of madness. So yeah, I guess that's where Harry goes. It's always more enjoyable to do that.

Did you talk to Willem Dafoe about having to take over his role if the Green Goblin were to come back?
I'll tell you this. I just worked with Nic Cage and we were talking about it and I said, "Well maybe I'm going to have to play the Green Goblin, what do you think?" And Nicolas gave me this great move if it came about. [James claps twice, spins around and shakes his butt.] So, maybe that's what I'll do if I ever do it.

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