Tobey McGuire Says 'SpiderMan 2' Better Than First

Tobey McGuire has told BBC News that he thinks the forthcoming sequel Spiderman 2 is even better than the original. "I'm really happy with it." Maguire said, "It's going to be better than the first one. The story is a lot better."

The sequel will see Maguire's character, Peter Parker, enrolling as a university student. But two new villains, Dr Octopus and the Lizard, are bent on his destruction.

Rumors had been earlier this year that Maguire had been dropped by the studio due to the injuries he sustained while filming Seabiscuit.

Maguire said that it was not true that he had been fired and that the back problem he suffered from was not due to filming 'Seabiscuit', but an ongoing ailment he has been suffering.

He also said that he questioned himself over whether he was fit enough to take on the strenuous role in the sequel.

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