Sam Raimi Praises Molina's SpiderMan 2 Role

SpiderMan 2 director Sam Raimi says Alfred Molina delivers a "great performance" as Dr. Otto Octavius. "Once you have an actor of Tobey Maguire's caliber and Kirsten Dunst's caliber, you really want someone that can rise up to that level and perform across from them," Raimi told Sci-Fi Wire. "And Fred is a great actor."

Raimi adds that Molina is "very real in his performances. He's not cartoonish in any way. He's very serious about the job, which is not to say that he doesn't have a great sense of humor on set. He does. But he also has a physical presence that I need, because this is a Spider-Man film, and it's got to be someone that can face down Spider-Man and have you believe that maybe he could take him. And Fred's got that ability. He's got the presence physically and spiritually, some heft to his performance, that makes him a formidable adversary when he wants to be. But he also has the sensitivity that makes it believable that Peter Parker [Maguire] could connect with him on a real and personal level [as Dr. Octavius]."

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