Sam Raimi On 'SpiderMan 2' Violence

Director Sam Raimi says that some parts in SpiderMan 2 may have verged on violent. Including one scene in which Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina) attacks an operating room full of doctors and nurses. "Yeah, in the surgery room," Raimi told Sci-Fi Wire. "You know, I was wondering if that was going to be too violent. Wow, I hope it's not too violent. ... Maybe it is."

Raimi says he wasn't expecting to make the movie more violent. "I didn't really make a conscious choice to make it more violent, although I don't disagree with you," Raimi said. "I think what happened was I was trying to establish in the minds of the audience that ... these tentacles [and] this man, Dr. Octavius, had become this monster, and as this monster, he had killed, or these tentacles had killed. And so he was going to be on the lam and hunted. ... But perhaps it's more violent than it needed to be. I didn't mean to make it more violent, I just wanted to show that he was a character to be frightened of, you know?"

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