Michael Dorn Talks 'Trek X'

Michael Dorn, who plays the role of Klingon Worf in 'Trek X', spoke with Cinescape about the coming production saying, "There's going to be lots of fighting and dying in the new movie. Gladiator's John Logan is writing, and its going to be amazing. If there's not a strike, we'll do the movie right away. If there is a strike, we'll push it to, like, October, they say -- which is right about when I'll be out of money."

He also spoke of who he thought may direct the movie, "If anybody from the cast is going to direct the new movie, it'll be Levar (Burton). He's got a lot of credits now. He'll do a great job, and we can tease him mercilessly -- especially Patrick."

Dorn also talked a bit about the romance between Worf and Deanna Troi, saying, "There won't be a relationship between Worf and Deanna (in Trek X). They've let go of that, even though I like it; it's like Beauty and the Beast." Dorn added that there's a rumor that Troi and Riker will be tying the knot in the next film.

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