Star Trek Opening Sequence Revealed?

Trek Today has recieved a scoop from 'Faith,' who says she has the screenplay to the movie 'Star Trek X'. She tells them that the title to 'Star Trek X' will be 'Star Trek X: Nemesis.' And also reveals some of the starting sequence. Heres the report:

She told us that the film's opening credits are presented in a similar vein to those in 'Insurrection,' amidst footage to set up the movie rather than on a static space background.

After the opening credits, the first location we are shown is Alaska - the site of William Riker's and Deanna Troi's wedding. Serving as best man is Jean-Luc Picard, the Captain under whose watch the Imzadi were reunited.

Though the film is currently known as 'Star Trek X: Nemesis,' this title may change as the film gets closer to release. 'Star Trek: First Contact' was originally known as 'Resurrection,' while 'Star Trek: Insurrection' had the working title 'Prime Directive.' Interestingly, 'Nemesis' itself was one of the many names rumoured at an early stage to be the title of what turned out to be 'Insurrection.'

The Roman numeral X is currently included in the film's title, but Paramount may of course still decide to conform to the format of the previous three TNG movies, none of which included a numeral. On the other hand, the studio may want to cash in on this being the tenth Star Trek film, and include the 'X' to make that clear to the public.

The screenplay was written by John Logan and is based on a story by Logan, Rick Berman and Brent Spiner (Data). Shooting is currently expected to begin later this year, with an intended release sometime in the Spring or Summer of 2002.

Thanks to 'Orkim' for the news.

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