Shinzon's Viceroy Is Pearlman

Ron Perlman has been cast as Shinzon's 'Viceroy' in the movie 'Star Trek: Nemesis', reports TrekWeb.

As the charachter description is somewhat detailed and could be considered a spoiler, please highlight to read

[spoiler]The character is somewhat of a mentor to Shinzon, caring for him during his youth when abandoned on Remus, the Romulan sister world. The Viceroy is a Reman and described in the script as "Nosferatu-like," with a horrifying appearance that includes long, grotesque fingernails. Perlman's role is easily the guest spot with the second most screen time in the script, next to the villain, Shinzon. The Viceroy is also telepathic and helps Shinzon invade Counselor Troi's mind at one point in the film.[/spoiler]

Pearlmans next role is in Blade 2, and 'Star Trek: Nemesis' is to start shooting in Feb 2002.

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