Nemesis Not Last For Patrick Stewarts

TGL reports on an interview in which Patrick Stewart spoke with SFX about "Star Trek: Nemesis" and how it might not be his last:

"We've just wrapped our next movie, Nemesis, around three weeks ago. And knowing as much as I do about how to play the character now I look back at `Encounter At Farpoint', the pilot episode, and other episodes in that first season, and I see that of course there's a kind of naivete about some of the work. I think, well, they wouldn't be my choices now. But they were the right choices then."

He dismisses talk that Star Trek: Nemesis will mark his farewell to the 24th Century. "There's been a lot of gossip about this being the last Next Generation film. Those conversations are only happening in the fan community. As far as the studio is concerned, and our executive producer is concerned, and indeed as far as all of us are concerned, though we all have our own opinions and feelings, there is nothing official at all about it being the last."

"Although," Stewart concedes, smiling, "this would be a very appropriate way to take our leave of Star Trek. Everything about the ending of this movie has a sense of closure about it, but there is also a huge opportunity for a sequel to this movie just sitting there, should it be taken up. And my feeling is that with Paramount it will totally be a matter of profits. If this film does really well, there will be another one. And that will continue, so long as they do well. The first time one does badly then, `Clang!' We shall be put out to graze."

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