Anakins Lightsaber Revealed

TFN have revealed info on the lightsaber that will be used by Anakin Skywalker in Episode 2:
I saw some of the stuff you posted recently on Obi-Wan's green lightsaber, and thought you would be interested in knowing a bit more about Anakin's sword.
One of the great prequel clues from A New Hope is the sequence between Luke and Obi-Wan where the old man is talking about Luke's father. He opens a small box to reveal to the future Jedi that inside is a lightsaber to be given him at the right time. He identifies it as a gift from his father.

Luke brandishes the weapon and eventually helps destroy the Evil Empire with it. There's plenty more irony once you discover this:

I can tell you in full confidence that in Episode II, Anakin is using that same exact lightsaber. I don't know if he builds it or what, but it is making its debut on his belt and in his hands in this movie.

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