Episode II Novelization

The latest edition of the 'Star Wars Homing Beacon' newsletter features an interview with R.A. Salvatore who has now half completed writing the Episode II novelization:

Though there was some trepidation in originally accepting the assignment, he found he couldn't turn itdown.

"Sure it's high profile, so in that instance it's good for my career,"says Salvatore. "But more than that, it's high creativity. Even thoughit's a novelization and I'm playing off someone else, I get to sit downwith George Lucas and listen to the guy who created all this. That's alife experience. You don't turn things like that down."

Like Terry Brooks, who wrote The Phantom Menace novelization,Salvatore will get to expand the story of the film, and tell of eventsnot shown on the screen. With Lucas' guidance, he is getting insightinto the characters and complexities of Episode II.

Salvatore explains, "I was able to add in a lot of things that I thinkwill complement [Lucas'] vision. Some of them might not be approved,and I'll have to make some changes, but that's part of the processtoo."

When Salvatore first read the script, one scene jumped out at him."When Amidala first sees Anakin again, I really enjoyed writing thatscene. I know that the most powerful scenes in the movie are goingto be when those two are together."

The author adds,"Their relationship is very complex. Here's a guywe know is heading for darkness. I was afraid that the turnover forAnakin was gonna be just a simple thing. People don't snap like thatand go over to the dark side. Maybe they have temporary rage, but theydon't become Darth Vader because of that. But with Anakin, there's aLOT more to it. That's the real beauty of it. She's a big part inwhat's going on in him. It's all with the best intentions, they'rejust misplaced. I think that was a nice touch with the script."

The Episode II novelization is due for a summer 2002 release by DelRey Books.

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