Resuming 'Episode 2' Filming

Star Wars: Episode II will continue its "Digital" production at the Ealing Studios in England next week, confirms the official site:

As is customary in the making of a Star Wars movie, the past few months since the production wrapped in Seville have been spent assembling a rough cut of the film.
While piecing together the rough cut, new scenes and story directions presented themselves to director George Lucas. With these revisions and additions to the storyline, the film enters its next stage of production as additional shooting is scheduled to take place March 24 to April 8.

Producer Rick McCallum and his production crew have been busying re-assembling sets, constructing new ones, and getting the Ealing Studios prepared for the shoot.

"The England shoots will be mostly in front of bluescreen," says McCallum. "Though we've been really busy since we wrapped in September, it's always exciting to get back in front of the cameras."

Principal actors Hayden Christensen, Natalie Portman, Ewan McGregor, Christopher Lee and Samuel L. Jackson will resume the roles they started during the first phase of production. Joining them is actor Oliver Ford Davies, who returns as Naboo's governor Sio Bibble.

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