Interview with 'Episode II' Artist

The official Star Wars website has posted an interview Concept Artist Jay Shuster, who reveals some important details on a "weapon" to be used in 'Episode II':

"The first thing on Episode II, Doug said, 'start working on this,'" recounts Shuster. The "this" in question, though still veiled in Episode II secrecy, is a weapon of sorts that helps decide a critical battle, the first generation of a tool to be seen later on in the series. "It follows the formula for a lot of the prequel trilogy," says the artist. "Take something pre-conceived in the existing trilogy and de-generate it."

As with the entire Art Department, Shuster diligently produces multiple iterations of each design, putting a great deal of detail into work that will potentially be rejected. "We learn to keep our emotional ties to the work at a minimum ," explains Shuster. "At times you wonder why a design isn't being used as it was intended from the beginning. You eventually realize the kinetic nature of George [Lucas]'s and within that realm you can still satisfy your desire for great art and design. My whole experience here has been great. Doug likes my designs and George is is very open to what we have to say in our drawings."

After his designs have been approved, they are then handed over to one of the talented concept model-makers who recreates the design as a small but detailed plastic model.

You can read the full aricle by click here.

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