'Episode II' Clone Troopers Image

TheForce.net have created an image of a clone trooper, as we will probably see in 'Star Wars: Episode II'. The image was created from the descriptions they recieved from their sources.

Click for enlargement

A couple of enthusiastic fans sent in a couple of renditions themselves (View here, and here).

Heres a description of a Clone Trooper, courtesy of TFN:

The body of the clone trooper is essentially the same as the original stormtrooper. For the mock-up image, we just manipulated an old stormtrooper photo. There are a few minor changes to the pads and the body suit underneath which seems to be more textured. Clonetroopers carry large rifles, too. The biggest divergence comes with the helmet. There's a Boba Fett type T visor that merges with a stormtrooper "mouth". Then, at the top, is a smaller version of the Rocketeer fin. The final result is a warrior that seems to be a beautfiul combination of the classic trilogy and the prequels.

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