Three Episode II Trailers Coming!

CA have reported that three seperate Trailers for 'Star Wars Episode II: Atack Of The Clones' are to be released. Here is their report:

The first trailer, dubbed the "Breathing" teaser, will definitely run attached to all prints of 'Monsters, Inc.' on November 2nd.

The second trailer, slated to appear online at the official 'Star Wars' website, will debut November 9th.

The third trailer, longer and containing more adult-oriented material than the first teaser trailer, will be attached to 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone' on November 16th.

What is not happening:

Fox is not attaching the SW2 trailer to 'Shallow Hal'. Instead, trailers for the Fox films 'Black Knight' and 'Behind Enemy Lines' are being attached to 'Shallow Hal', not SW2.

Theaters detaching the SW2 trailer and attaching it to other films, such as our earlier report that a theater showing 'The One' might do this, would be committing a violation of their booking agreement with the studio. This would put their theatre at risk for having future films released by the studio made unavailable to them. It's almost a given that Buena Vista ('Monsters, Inc.'s' studio) and Fox ('Star Wars' studio) will have checkers attending showings to verify correct placement of the trailers.

Lucasfilm has gone to such lengths as post their own security guards at the facility which is producing the 'Episode II' trailer materials.

So it looks like the 'Star Wars' hype is on the way.

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