Joel Edgerton Talks Episode 2

Joel Edgerton who plays young Owen Lars in Episode II has been talking to Filmink about his role in the prequel sequel - Attack of the Clones. Joel admitted that his friends, who had shrugged his up til now achievements, are now in awe because of the part he has scored. "It's completely surreal", says Joel.

After two days at Fox Studios, Australia - Joel flew to Tunsia. He says working with Lucas was "easy really, there was no torment, we'll he's not directing Raging Bull! He only asked me to once change the tone of a line..His real actors are the special effects. He was pretty quiet, except off set", says Joel.

"He just wants to be one of the boys. I think the cult status that he's created is something that actually frightens him". Edgerton also touched upon a film he has just completed with Guy Pearce called "The Hard Word". "Guy's a legend", says Joel. "He's right in the work, does lots of prep. He's a model for a great career".

Source: MovieHole

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