Hayden Christensen Talks Episode III

ITV's Movie News spoke with Hayden Christensen about his role in "Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones'. In the interview they also talked abit about his role in Episode III:

MN: Now episode 3 – the inevitable episode 3 question – are you looking forward to going badder and playing Darth Vader and having that moment with the helmet?

HC: Oh yeah – I’m desperately awaiting filming episode 3, because it’ll be a lot of fun in my opinion in terms of my characters development and getting to really commit to making that transformation into Darth Vader will be a lot of fun and everything that happens in the next film – not that George has told me anything, but what you can extract from the previous trilogy – I think everything will just go to chaos and all the grammar will be set up so it will just be a lot of fun.

MN: And you say George hasn’t told you anything –have you told him anything that you would like to do what you’d expect for the character?

HC: Not really - it’s his moulding of it really and how he sees fit, but I have sort of nagged him a little bit about getting to wear the dark helmet and Darth Vader's costume, and he sort of gives me the wink, wink, nudge, nudge that I will – so that would be really cool, but other than that they’re asking me to put on a little bit of weight or size – I’m not going to go De Niro and get real fat but just so I can be wicked with a light sabre, so I think there are going to be some pretty extensive fight sequences in the next one especially between Obi Wan and myself and that’ll be fun.

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