Lucas & Christensen Talk Episode III

George Lucas spoke with CNN about the final installement in the Star Wars prequel trilogy - Episode III.

"It's dark for 'Star Wars,' " Lucas said. "Let's face it, all the bad guys win in the end, all the good guys are dead except for a couple. So it doesn't have a happy ending. I'm not sure how people are going to take it. It does have some fun in it. It's not completely bleak. But it's not an upper."

Hayden Christensen, who joined the cast as Anakin in the latest film adds, "I think he will end almost on an apocalyptic note. I just can't imagine it not being an incredibly dark and destructive film."

"You've got a war, and what we know from the previous trilogy, what my character does in wiping out the entire Jedi race, and the falling apart of my relationship with Obi-Wan."

George Lucas says he has already filmed one of the last images of "Episode III" during production of "Attack of the Clones". "It's not the exact closing image, but it's one of the final images," Lucas said. Laughing, he added: "I won't say what it is."

"Episode III" begins shooting next summer and will be released in 2005.

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