'Star Wars: Episode III' Art Department Revealed

The official Star Wars website have posted details on the people working in the art department for Star Wars: Episode III.

The Star Wars tradition of creating and utilizing concept art throughout the screenwriting process continues with the final chapter as the Episode III art department has been working on new imaginings for nearly a year.

Whether to inspire George Lucas' writing, Gavin Bocquet's set design and construction, Trisha Biggar's costumes, Nick Gillard's stunt planning, John Knoll's visual effects or Rob Coleman's team of animators, the Star Wars tradition of creating and utilizing concept art as the film's inception continues with Episode III.

"This is my favorite part of the process," says Concept Design Supervisor Iain McCaig. "Since we start before the script, anything we draw or imagine could possibly be in the movie. George is open to everything. Nothing is set in stone."

This small team of talented artists has been hard at work for nearly a year exploring what might, and might not, be part of the final episode.

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