'Star Wars: Episode III' Digital Camera Details

The official 'Star Wars' website has posted a new feature which goes in-depth into the details of the high-definition digital camera to be used for Episode III.

Episode II was the first major motion picture to be shot entirely on digital cameras. Sony developed the first generation HDC-F900 camera. By not using film, the production team saved the time and money usually invested in film stock and photochemical processing, and was able to attain an image of incredible clarity already in the digital medium ready for postproduction use.

For effects-intensive movies like Star Wars, imagery shot on film would have to be scanned and converted into digital information for the artists at Industrial Light & Magic to incorporate their amazing effects. By starting in the digital medium, the use of HD cameras saved a time-consuming step, and kept the picture digital throughout the production pipeline, from the editorial department, through to effects, through to the final mastering, and -- in select theaters -- through to film-less digital projection.

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